Our projects

The Aether II for Minecraft

We've been hard at work on our update to the Aether II mod for Minecraft, from a complete rewrite of the mod's code base to a massive overhaul of every concept and aspect of the mod. New textures, blocks, NPCs, structures, you name it. And we're not even warmed up yet.

Orbis for Minecraft

Orbis adds a new Designer Gamemode to Minecraft, allowing you to build structures within a moment’s notice. Whether you need to quickly delete a region, replace blocks, fill shapes or copy existing structures, Orbis can help you out.

The team

We're a small diverse team with members located all over the globe sharing one unified vision for our future. If you'd like to join the team, send us an email to hire@gildedgames.com.

Photo of Angeline
Technical Lead
Photo of Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce
Team Lead, Software Engineer
Photo of Chelsea
Photo of Chris Peterson
Chris Peterson
Software Engineer
Photo of Hugo Payn
Hugo Payn
Design Lead
Photo of Jaryt Bustard
Jaryt Bustard
Software Engineer
Photo of Nic
Sound Artist
Photo of Oscar Payn
Oscar Payn
Creative Director

Contact us

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or otherwise have a support inquiry with one of our projects, please get in contact through one of the listed support channels above first. Otherwise, please send an email to support@gildedgames.com.